Professional carpentry in Fuerteventura

The goal of Nikau is to make each room a unique and exclusive space.

Count on us to develop the wooden furniture as you need.

Woodwork of the best quality

We design and manufacture the wooden furniture you need, taking into account the measurements

of the space in which it will be installed, as well as the aesthetics of the room for which it is performed.

We have a wide variety of woods so you can choose the one you like, being all they of the best quality.

Without forgetting the colors and the different finishes that you can choose.

Unique product in quality and design

We are dedicated exclusively to creating cutting-edge furniture for all types of rooms.

We offer the public a unique product in quality and design, developing our activity as specialists

in kitchen facilities, bathrooms, windows, doors, pergolas, terraces, etc. backed by many years of experience.

All our furniture is unique and personalized to the taste and needs that each client poses,

Either for a brand new villa, a flat to renovate or a new air that you want to give to your company or office.

Tell us how you want your furniture to be and we will make it happen.

Custom woodwork

Our wood carpentry in Nikau (Fuerteventura) is characterized by offering a fast and quality service,

as well as works with optimal results. Furniture, doors, mirrors, shelves ...

all are manufactured exclusively for each client, so that they fit perfectly.

Feel free to ask us for advice on the design or the wood on which to manufacture the products,

Nikau's staff experience will guarantee you the best professional in the sector.